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Melt-in-your mouth braised fennel

I used to think I didn’t like fennel because I’ve never been a huge fan of anything licorice flavored. That is until a few years ago when I visited Northern Italy and had a heavenly dish of fennel slow-cooked in broth and butter with garlic and herbs, transforming the hard bulb into a deliciously soft, falling […]

Potato power!

Pulling new potatoes out of the ground is like discovering buried treasure. After watching the plants grow for months and hoping that tuber development is going well; to see those multicolored little nuggets of deliciousness emerge is downright magical. Indigenous Peruvians have developed over 4,000 🤯 distinct types of potatoes from wild varieties, each suited […]

Perfect Roast Eggplant

I hear some folks aren’t quite sure if they like eggplant or how to prepare it; but let me tell you, cooks in India have it right when they call the eggplant “The King of Vegetables”. The key to cooking eggplant is to add lots of flavor. I call it the tofu of vegetables, a […]